An individual can make a difference. A team can make a miracle. At New Opportunity, we work hard, learn continually, celebrate with equal zeal, but above all- endlessly strive to fulfill our purpose.

An opportunity to grow

We continually strive to make our organization not just the “best place to work”, but also the best place to learn. Growth is not limited to positions, but also the skills you can develop in our organization. For our Relationship Officers, performance is reviewed every 3-6 months and promotion is given on the basis of performance.

An opportunity to find the balance

At New Opportunity, we believe in hard work- but also give fun its due. The microfinance industry is demanding, but we ensure our employees can catch a break with our ‘ 7-day annual vacation’ program. These seven days, apart from the usual holidays, help our employees unwind, recharge, and spend some quality time with their dear ones.


An opportunity to make a difference

Social responsibility is the cornerstone of our organization. We believe in making a lasting impact and helping shape a better world. To fulfill this, we organize several drives and events all year round. All our employees are encouraged to help out and make a difference.

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