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New Opportunity Consultancy is a Business Correspondent to multiple banks and provides group based micro-loans to women across rural India, enabling them to lead a financially empowered life.

What we do

Microfinance Loans

We provide microfinance loans to Self Help & Joint Liability Groups- where 4-10 individuals come together to avail a bank loan against mutual guarantee.

MSME Loans

Unsecured Loans up to 3 Lakh and secured loans up to 10 Lakh are offered to small and mid-sized businesses. Mortgage loan size ranges from 10-25 Lakh. Our loan tenor ranges from 12-36 months for unsecured loans and up to 120 months for secured loans.

Savings Accounts

Individual accounts are provided with M-ATM by several banks to enable easy withdrawals. Loan EMI adjustment options are available to members.

We Work With

April, 2023


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Empowerment of women through financial inclusion and services in a reliable, cost-effective and transparent manner.


To serve 5 million customers by 2025

How we do

Digital Onboarding

A group of 8-10 members is formed, KYC is collected digitally, Credit Bureau Check done and the loan is sanctioned instantly.

Financial Literacy

Basic information about our product, process and informative content is communicated to each borrower through audio-visuals.


Loan amount is disbursed directly into the borrower's bank account

Collection Meeting

'The Paperless Way' - enabled through mobile-linked auto receipts and an option for digital payment.

Audit and Loan Utilisation Verification

The process is completely digitalized and executed via smart devices.